The Premise

For those of you who have seen my other blog, When I was a Jelly Doughnut, it should come as no surprise that I have decided to travel once more to Germany. This time, I will spend an entire year in Aachen studying at the Rheinische-Westfälische-Technische-Hochschule. It's a mouthful, isn't it?

The program I am using is the CMU Chemical Engineering Exchange- RWTH Aachen. I, as it turns out, am not a chemical engineer. I study mechanical engineering. There will be posts dedicated solely to the stress that has resulted from that little speed-bump. Instead of getting into that here, I'll explain the layout of this blog. See those subjects listed on the right of the screen? Those are the three main topics I'll cover in the next year.

"Papierkram": Literally paper junk, meaning paperwork, this is the label for all posts related to the logistics, red tape, and email goose-chases that I go through in order to make this study abroad happen. Although it is the least pleasurable topic to write on, it is also likely the most practical for those considering study abroad themselves.

"Tagebuch": Literally days book, meaning diary, posts with this label will chronicle my mundane day to day activities while abroad. Friends, family, voyeurs and stalkers are welcome to browse, but the content will be more specific to my experience than to travelers and students in general.

"Touristenfalle": Literally tourist trap, meaning...tourist trap, this is the center for all the exciting things I see and do abroad, which any visitor could experience. People planning a pleasure trip may find this section particularly applicable. If you are not able to travel, then enjoy my fun vicariously or let your jealousy burn with the white hot intensity of a thousand suns. It's up to you.